Scratch Cards are one of the game elements of Zombie Tsunami. This is also called a "Lottery Ticket" and gives bonus prizes such as coins and power ups. The Lottery Ticket can be obtained for free when a 100th converted brain is placed on the brain rack. This can be also bought in the market for 1000 coins.

Prizes are assigned randomly with their probability visible on probability experiment page.

Possible PrizesEdit

  • 100/200/1500 Coins- Gives the following Coins
  • New ticket
  • "X" (Try again)
  • Pack of Civilians
  • Last Chance
  • Coin bombs
  • Coin cars
  • Bonus +10 seconds
  • Double Coins/Zombies

You can also sell the card for 400 coins.

Images Edit


Card before scratching


an angel Card after scratching

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