The Quarterbacks is a bonus in Zombie Tsunami.

Appearance Edit

The Quarterbacks are immune to bombs or anything else that goes into their way. They might be very weak in jumping out but, they are very defensive, powerful and tough as ever.

Quarterbacks are similar to Gold, only the difference is the obstacles will only be crushed with Quarterbacks. With Gold you will get coins after crashing.

Quarterbacks may crush Vehicles and Mines, but they can't jump high unless upgraded.


  1. Level 1 (default), Quarterbacks are invincible.
  2. Level ?, The Quarterbacks last five seconds longer.
  3. Level ?, Quarterbacks attract coins, a useful source of revenue.
  4. Level 115, The quarterbacks jump higher to avoid the only thing that can stop them: the holes!

Missions Edit

There is a number of missions which require quarterbacks bonus. For example:

  • Avoid 5 bombs with the Quarterbacks
  • Explode 8 bombs with the Quarterbacks

and others.

Also, specifically for this bonus, there is a mission which namely cannot be fulfilled with it. This is a mission:

  • Explode 80 bombs without the Quarterbacks

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