The Ninja is a Bonus of the game.

Appearance Edit

Ninjas are dressed in white. Their main ability is a double jump. But if it is a Super Ninja, it can double jump and also chop any item, except for civilians. The ninja can also bite off civilians heads.

Upgrades Edit

  1. Level 1 (default), Ninjas can perform double jumps.
  2. Level 3, Ninjas throw shuriken at bombs to explode them.
  3. Level 33, Ninjas are equipped with a katana which can slice vehicles into pieces.
  4. Level 86, The ninjas last five seconds longer.
Upgrade Cost
Ninja Free
Super Ninja 800
Mega Ninja 5,000
Extended Ninja 10,000

Missions Edit

There is a number of missions which require balloon bonus. For example:

  • Perform 20 double jumps with the Ninja

and others.

Images Edit


Ninja splitting a bomb

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