The Gold is a bonus in Zombie Tsunami.

Appearance Edit

Gold is just like Quarterback, but are zombies coated with gold and turn anything except for civilians into coins. They might not be a master of jumping but a master of generating coins. They are first unlocked at potion 18.

Gold Bonus won't be affected by bombs and vehicles, but will die if they fall down a hole or are stopped by a wall.


  1. Level 18, Golden zombies change everything to gold.
  2. Level 45, Golden zombies attract coins.
  3. Level 73, Golden zombies generate more coins.
  4. Level 141, Golden zombies last five seconds longer.

Missions Edit

There is a number of missions which require gold bonus. For example:

  • Transform 5 vehicles into coins with the Gold bonus
  • Transform 8 bombs into coins with the Gold bonus
  • Use the "Coins Car" and "Coins Bomb" from the market and get the bonus "Gold", all in one game

and others.

Images Edit


Mine becoming Coins

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