GiantZ is one of the bonuses of Zombie Tsunami. It can destroy anything with its lasers. GiantZ dies when it falls off a cliff.


Giant Z looks like a large zombie with multiple eyes around its body and often fires its purplish lasers from its eyes. It has two arms, however, these do not do anything.

Upgrade Edit

  1. Level 1 (default), The giant zombie shoots a laser from its eyes.
  2. Level 9, The giant zombie shoots 2 lasers repeatedly causing more damage.
  3. Level 29, The giant zombie fires triple lasers, destroying everything in its path!
  4. Level 65, The giant zombie lasts five seconds longer.

Missions Edit

There is a number of missions which require GiantZ bonus, usually related to its ability to shoot lasers.

Images Edit


Giant Z in super action

Upgrade Costs Edit

Upgrade Cost
Giant Z. Free
Super Giant Z. 1,600
Mega Giant Z. 6,000
Extended Giant Z. 10,000

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