Collecting a bonus will change zombie horde into a different creature. Bonuses can be activated by collecting special box with question marks on it. Box is appearing periodically during the game (approximately once per every background). After collecting the box, zombie horde will take a form of the bonus. Bonuses are assigned randomly.

Bonus can be upgraded or prolonged in Market or via Zombirds. Bonus ends with two parallel coin columns with an audio and Zombies return to their standard form afterwards. 

List of bonuses Edit

Name From level Height Can Fly? Destroys everything Special ability
Gold 18 small no yes Convert vehicles and bombs into coins
Quarterback Unlocked by default small no yes Destroy everything
U.F.O. Unlocked by default small no no Gives additional zombies
Tsunami Unlocked by default small-


yes yes Destroys everything
GiantZ Unlocked by default large no yes Shoots lasers
Ninja Unlocked by default small no yes Double jump, shoots starts
Dragon Unlocked by default medium yes yes Glide, breath fire
Balloon Unlocked by default small yes no Can fly forever
Mecha 58 large yes yes Has a circular saw
RiderZ 133 medium no yes Destroy everything, go back to the surface when falling into holes(max-level)

Table Comments

  • "height" can be small (standard Zombie size), medium(can collect a column of 3 coins when not jumping) or large. Large size means that you don't have to jump to collect flying objects or to collect coin formations and obtain "Perfect
  • "can fly" means either real flying or extremely large jumps, anything which prevents it from falling into hole. 
  • "Destroys everything" means that they can destroy bombs and vehicles(both static and moving) on impact(with the exception of Submarine and Missiles). 

Images Edit


Zombies are passing next to "Bonus box" (with question marks on it)


Each bonus ends with two columns of coins

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