The Balloon is a bonus in Zombie Tsunami game.

Appearance Edit

The balloon allows zombies to float or just hold to avoid falling down holes. The head of the Zombies during the bonus grows big and when biting it grows huge! Taping the screen will reduce the altitude of horde, or put them slightly above the ground. Still, they will not be able to fall down the hole.

Upgrades Edit

  1. Level 1, Balloon zombies fly.
  2. Level 26, The balloon is more responsive, making it easier to avoid obstacles.
  3. Level 50, The balloon attracts coins so you can collect more.
  4. Level 92, The balloons last five seconds longer.
Upgrade Cost
Balloon Free
Super Balloon 5,500
Mega Balloon 6,000
Mega Balloon Extended 12,000

Missions Edit

There is a number of missions which require balloon bonus. For example:

  • Brush the ground 16 times with the balloon

and others.

Images Edit


Balloon bonus during Jurassic scene

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